*Far From You* by Tess Sharpe has a lot going on; the immediate premise of the plot is a murder mystery. However, as you get deeper into the multiple timelines, you follow Sharpe’s protagonist, Sophie, as she learns to adapt to using her newly disabled leg, navigate chronic pain, and battle an addiction to pain killers.

There’s this long road ahead. It’s never-ending, because you don’t get over losing someone. Not completely. Not when she was a part of you. Not when loving her broke you as much as it changed you.

While this book came heavily recommended by students, I felt it fell flat. This is Sharpe’s first novel, and it reads like a first novel. The characters felt underdeveloped, the twist ending felt a little cliche and forced, and there was just something generally lackluster.

However despite my critiques, I would recommend this to readers who love CW’s Riverdale and/or Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why. The chapters are short, which is a great scaffold for more resistant readers. For any burgeoning reader interested in this book, I recommend explicitly pointing out the timeline reference at the beginning of each chapter which alerts you to if this chapter takes place in the present or past. I’m looking forward to reading what Sharpe publishes next.

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Posted by:Shannon

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